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What is Halfwish?

A f2p PVP Roguelite, and absolutely not a CCG.
(collectible card game)


Why not a CCG?

In CCGs, you buy/earn cards to make decks, AND THEN start playing.

1) Ain't nobody got time to collect cards and buy packs in 2023.

2) Pregame deckbuilding scares many people from even trying a card game.

3) Netdecked metas are LAME.

So what's Halfwish...really?

Click to watch a walkthrough with our founder, or scroll through the pics below for a general idea:

char select.png

1) Pick a Class and hop in!

Classes have their own starting decks and unique perk
that shapes their playstyle!


2) Upgrade as you go!

Figure out your win condition as you play. Different options will be
offered to every game!

power screen.png

3) Select Hidden Powers to counter your enemy!

Mix and match from 15 powers that allow you to customise your strategy and counterplay your opponent's class at the start of the game.


4) Adapt to new locations every game

Decide which locations to reveal as you battle, but be
ready to make good choices - and fast!


5) Outwit your enemies

Each turn, a pair of dice determines the effectiveness of cards you play. But this roll is hidden, so it's up to you to bluff your way to the best result.

The (Lore Accurate) Answer

"Ad Votum: Decem Verba, Sans Nomen"

You are a Venator, a metaversal bounty hunter travelling to different realms and timelines to track down magic lamps for your genie master. In return, you are granted a favour from them - Halfwish, a powerful one use enchantment that grants your wishes, but with some unwritten limitations.

As a chosen Venator, you are given many blessings - long life, greater strength and access to magic just to name a few. But just like the others before you, soon you will find yourself growing complacent of these gifts, thirsting for the only true prize - a full wish.


In the centuries of dimensional hunting however, only a handful have been rumoured to be bestowed such fortune, their names forever inscribed in the Tavern Outside Realms.

The Djinns have been clever in recruiting their Venators throughout history, granting Halfwishes freely at the beginning for trivial favours, and once their victim became reliant on the wish granting magic, turning into unknowing thralls forever bound to service.

Amongst these gifted hunters, the more effective ones (read: survived longest) served as the Djinn’s champions. These chosen ones were granted the ability to resurrect on death, and were occasionally sent offworld to hunt other Venators and complete quests on behalf of their Djinn.

Our story begins with whispers of a rogue Venator stealing from the Djinns, and the reward put in place for their capture: A full wish.

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