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  • How is Halfwish Web3 and how is it optional?
    Halfwish will use Web 3 to facilitate trading of game assets between players like heroes, skins, items, HWAT etc HWAT, our premium currency will also be an onchain token that unlocks conveniences for players and allows them to participate in risk-to-earn formats This function is also optional! Players will be able to fully play and progress as a purely web2 player, so there's no pressure to use it until you are ready to hop to web3 and trade!
  • How does currency work in Halfwish?
    The game follows the Gold and Gems model of many other games. Gold in this game is Hopium (HPM) while Gems are known in-universe as the Halfwish Authora Token (HWAT). HPM is primarily used for progression (upgrades, item shops, repairs) while HWAT will be used to obtain HPM, unlock crates, buy limited skins and to enter Scaling Modes. Earn HPM from chests, daily quests and challenges and a small amount of HWAT from weeklies. More HWAT can be earned in the risk-to-earn Scaling Modes. In a nutshell: HPM is offchain HWAT is onchain Spending more HPM in-game progresses your account and increases your chances of obtaining more HWAT - the premium currency and gems of the Halfwish universe. Even though we follow the traditional Gold and Gems model, the big difference is that unlike a traditional company who retails gems directly to their players, we envision our players becoming the main retailers of our Gems aka HWAT. Web 2 only players will still be able to purchase HPM with fiat but the most cost effective way of obtaining more HPM will be through exchanging with HWAT.
  • What will be NFTs? Will there be some profile pic sale?
    All heroes and their levels, gear, skins, blueprints and consumables will be available for listing on our web3 player marketplace. At the start of our launch, we will have a limited edition NFT sale of our main story characters (which can be used in-game!), the Prime Genesis collection will come minted with the immortal trait, which protects them from permadeath in risk-2-earn modes. We've relied on friends and ourselves so far to get to this point, and this sale will help us fund further development and outreach to new players!
  • What is Halfwish?
    Halfwish is a roguelite fantasy card game that combines elements of popular card games and strategic mid-game deck building with a unique fate management system. Players are tested on their abilities to improvise, bluff and get creative to overcome their opponents. The game features simple to learn gameplay mechanics that belies greater depth, making it appealing to both seasoned card game enthusiasts and newcomers. Fun fact: Halfwish was created as a standalone boardgame before it became a digital game! You can shop for a classic paperback copy on our online stores!
  • Has Halfwish been launched? Can I download Halfwish?
    Halfwish is in its closed alpha test on Steam at the moment. Click "Play Early Access" to receive a steam key from us. You can also ping us on our discord channel for a faster response! Next, we will be reaching out to streamers in the genre to be part of our next wave of key giveaways - so tell your favourite streamer about us! Or email their channels to us at Halfwish aims to be available on mobile client early next year
  • What chain(s) will Halfwish be on?
    Halfwish is intended to be as simple as possible for not only web3 users, but web2 as well, so we while we have not decided on a chain yet, the project will definitely be built towards a multi chain approach.
  • If there are no packs to buy, is there collection and loot??
    You will be able to collect gear, skins and heroes that can be levelled up for risk-to-earn modes. Loot can be acquired via the item shop, unlocked from chests you earn as you win or from other players on the player marketplace.
  • What makes Halfwish different from other card games?
    Halfwish is not a Collectible Card Game (CCG), meaning there will be no need to build a collection (e.g. Buying packs) to compete competitively or keep up with the meta. Unlike most card games, deckbuilding also happens mid-match, making netdecking (copying decklists online) virtually impossible and allows the game’s meta to not get dictated by popular deck types.
  • How is Halfwish different from other Web3 or normal games?
    Our team’s vision was always to build a fun game that people didn’t mind investing their time or money into, instead of some hyped wildfire that burns briefly before fizzling out. So - we made our game ready first, initially as a board game, and now for PC, before asking the public for support or attention. The peer-to-peer player marketplace will give players agency over their progression and collection. Invest money to progress faster? Or invest time to earn items/HWAT to sell? Either way, the player base gets a slice of the pie instead of just us the game creators. Yes, it technically competes with our earning potential, but we believe players having a stake in their playtime is the future, and is worth the trade off! Halfwish was built to be streamer and esports friendly, so expect a regular competitive calendar for players to participate or watch. Community and theory crafting is something we are very excited to see!
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