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story of halfwish

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You are a Venator, a metaversal bounty hunter travelling to different realms and timelines to track down magic lamps for your genie master. In return, you are granted a favour from them - Halfwish, a powerful enchantment that allows you to alter the fates slightly in your favour.

As a chosen Venator, you are granted a Halfwish once a week forever, but most Ventators thirst for a greater prize - a full wish. But in the centuries of dimensional hunting, only a handful of them have been known to be granted that honour, their names forever inscribed in the Tavern Outside Realms.

The Djinns have been clever in recruiting their Venators throughout history, granting Halfwishes freely at the beginning for trivial favours, and once their victim became reliant on the wish granting magic, they were turned into thralls, forever bound to service.

Amongst them, the more skilled ones served as the Djinn’s champions. These chosen ones were granted powers and the ability to resurrect on death, and were occasionally sent offworld to hunt other Venators and complete quests on behalf of their Djinn.

Our story begins with rumours of a Venator stealing from the Djinns, and the reward put in place for his or her capture: A full wish.

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