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Unlockable story characters that have their own signature powers. Heroes can level up and have 5 ranks.

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Heroes shards can be gotten from the Shop, Chests and Web 3 market. The first shard unlocks a hero.
Heroes remain unlocked even in the case of permadeath. All it takes is a small HPM fee to recruit the hero again at Level 1.
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Level UP

Winning games grants exp while losing deducts half that amount. Merge extra shards to level faster.
Level ups grant points to add into 1 of 5 different stat types that offer minor bonuses in Scaling Modes.
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Gear Up

Gear can be equipped to upgrade a card in the hero's starting deck in Scaling Modes.
Skins and sidegear change the appearance and grant non-combat benefits to the character.

THe FOunder's COllection

Get access to these limited edition NFT Hero Shards of our first 5 Heroes! Comes pre-leveled with a chance of becoming Immortal, which allows the hero to escape permadeath in Scaling Modes

Holders will also receive a HWAT airdrop

Follow our Twitter @PlayHalfwish for more info this month!

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Heroes and gear are coming after
the Open Beta begins!

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