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HW Fast trailer final V3 (9 July Edit)
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What is Halfwish?

Made by card game veterans and pros, this PVP roguelite deckbuilder tests your ability to bluff, make quick choices and build your wincons on the go. 

No buying card packs, no pre-game deck building, and most importantly - no netdeckers.

It's the card game you've been waiting for!


Get access to limited edition NFT Hero Shards of our first 5 Heroes! Comes pre-leveled with an Immortal trait, which allows the hero to escape permadeath in Scaling Modes

Holders will also receive a HWAT airdrop

7 Sep, 12pm EDT

Whitelist Mint: 70 USDC

Public Mint: 100 USDC

On Omni X

Total Collection: 1000 ONFTs



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