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craft wincons midgame

no netdecking or buying cards

experience a new map every game


brand new genre
of PVP Roguelite

You are a Venator, a metaversal bounty hunter travelling to different realms and timelines to track down magic lamps for your genie master. In return, you are granted a favour from them - Halfwish, a powerful enchantment that allows you to alter the fates slightly in your favour.


In Halfwish, you can win by bluffing, outsmarting your enemies by luring them into traps or timing your combos for a one shot.


Play from the same pool of starting decks with no meta lists to copy because deck building happens mid game. Your strats will differ each time.


A neutral adventure deck lays out a brand new combination of events every game, so expect a completely different experience every time.


All set in a universe of genies, fantasy and sci-fi with plenty of characters and loot to collect.

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